Tuesday, 4 February 2014

B is for

Well at least I survived the first hurdle - actually getting a blog post out when I said I would. One down only 25 to go, bring it on.

While preparing for this mini marathon (and when I say preparing I mean like over the last 48 hours) I found myself getting tangled up in deciding whether the choice should be to let the letter drive the artwork or to just play and see what happened. Did I want to pick the word definition of the letter first before I played? And as I had decided on dual meanings for each word where did the artwork fit in? Recognise this type of tailspin?

Today, therefore, B stands for Breathe. It's amazing how much emotion we use when we get into this spin cycle - anger, frustration, tears, fluffy words; non of which contribute to a solution. And it's the same way when you are crafting. The ink isn't right or you suddenly can't stamp for toffee, you can't find the right shade of red card to mat and layer your project; if you had a beautiful craft room you could find anything immediately (oh you think so!). This is then followed by the aforesaid emotions. 

What we need to do in these types of situations is to stand back and b r e a t h e. Because breathing is automatic, we don't give it a second thought. But when you choose to stop and deliberately take in a slow draw of breath it's almost like time stands still for a split second. And although is doesn't give you an instant answer it allows you that little bit of space to clear your head, to stand back and see things from a more rational view point, to return to a place of normality  That's all it takes to break the cycle. Wouldn't the world be a better place if muggers took time to breathe before they beat old ladies for the contents of their purse? If the warmongers could stand back for a second and see how their greed and power causes nothing but death, destruction and hatred? And if the drunken driver had been rational enough to hand over the keys to the car before leaving the pub.......?

Ok now for some artwork 
This tag was made prior to my current bout of single handedness. I certainly couldn't tie a bow like that at the moment - not unless I want to drive myself into the dreaded tailspin!

The tag itself is one of my printables called Vintage Tags. I tinted a doily with a Scattered Straw Distress inkpad, which I then over stamped with a text stamp. I ran a Versamark inkpad round the edges of the tag and across the doily and embossed with Wow Gold Rich EP. The leaves were die cut from gold satin card using Crealies Shape die 11 and the flower was made from part of an old chiffon scarf. Finally I added a paper rose to the centre of my flower and a gold mesh ribbon bow. My contribution for today.

And the next time you find yourself in a tizz with the kids, or with some idiot whose just pulled out in front of your car or because the glue isn't drying fast enough on your project make a concious decision to breathe. The glue won't have dried any quicker and the guy in the other car will still be an idiot but it will wash over you rather than wash you out.

See you again tomorrow


Debbie said...

Well done for getting day two posted with a fab project with very wise words. Hope day three is a breeze. Debbie xx

Jan Ltc said...

Well done Lesley, keep it up lol! Another gorgeous make xx Jan

judith@poppy cottage said...

Gorgeous tag Lesley, some great ideas in your layout. Loved the wise words, and I might have to try some of that breathing over the coming weeks. Hugs, Judith xx

vinny said...

think I shall have to print your wise words of wisdom out to pin on the wall ! you did make me chuckle especially about the craft room, if only. Gorgeous tag as well x Lavinia

Paula (PEP) said...

A glorious medley of colours & I love the way you echoed the gold edging of the tied bow with your embossed rage edges - utterly effective.
I do recognise the tailspin…..furrowed brow & no way would the perfect craft room sort the problem out in my case. I shall be remembering the breathe bit. Take care,
Paula (PEP)

Miranda said...

I have two letters now instead of one, the B and the C. Like your word 'breathe'! I know it's very important and it really helps to stand back and breathe. Your tag is lovely and 'tres chique'! I am enjoying reading your posts! Thanks and take care, xxMiranda

Sarah said...

Marvellous colours yet again Lesley, and I shall trying b-r-e-a-t-h-i-n-g tomorrow if life starts being difficult!! Sarah x